Rise & Shout


Rise & Shout Episode 3

Matt and Adam again discuss BYU sports, including the (unfortunate) result of the BYU-Utah rivarly showdown. They also discuss the future of Jake Heaps and Robert Anae. And though no Looney Tunes references made this episode, there is a Star Wars reference and Matt speaks in pig latin.


Rise & Shout Episode 2

Adam and Matt talk rivalry week and breakdown the big BYU-Utah showdown. They also play a little game called 'Challenge Flag.' And somehow the Loony Tunes play a significant role.


Rise & Shout Podcast Episdoe 1

Adam and Matt discuss BYU sports. We talk about BYU's football victory over Colorado State, including Luke Ashworth's awesome day, the contiued maturation of Jake Heaps, and the awesome defense. We also talk about why the Cougars can beat the Utes. And finally, we touch on BYU basketball, including Steve Cleveland's return to Provo.