Rise & Shout


Episode 11: Jay Drew

In Episode 11, Adam is joined by Salt Lake Tribune BYU beat writer Jay Drew. They talk all things BYU, including:

  • The chances of the BYU basketball team to make a deep run into the NCAA tournament
  • Jimmer's pure awesomeness
  • The emergence of Brandon Davies
  • The coaching changes on the BYU football team
  • Brady Hoke's chances of being successful at Michigan

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Episode 10

In Episode 10, Adam and Matt yap about the BYU basketball team, including the continued success of Jimmer Fredette (and his awesome performance against Utah), and the indispensable Jackson Emery. Other topics include the continued reshaping of the football coaching staff, and a time when Adam served Danny Ainge a salad at the Brick Oven.


Rise & Shout Episode 9

In Episode 9, Adam and guest Ben Arkell, a fellow writer on TornBySports.com and sometimes Rise & Shout contributor, debate and discuss the NBA prospects of BYU's All-American Jimmer Fredette. We look at some of his current NBA comparables, and talk about what his NBA ceiling could look like. Also, Ivan Drago somehow works his way into the conversation.


Rise & Shout Episode 8

In Episode 8, Adam and Matt talk heavily about college football and BYU basketball. The topics include:

  • Robert Anae's resignation as offensive coordinator. If you want to read more about this, check out Matt's piece on the topic or listen to Episode 7 of the podcast when we talk about Anae's legacy at BYU.
  • Basketball preview of the conference schedule and lots of talk about the big showdown with UNLV in Las Vegas.
  • Again, they play Going Bowling, where they preview the 6 remaining bowl games including the BCS title game.
  • The usual silliness, including a big-time rumor about the next offensive coordinator.

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