Rise & Shout


Episode 16: Cougs beat Aztecs

In Episode 16, it's all about the mighty, might Cougars taking down the Aztecs in a sublime team effort. Topics include:

  • Intro: Our usual silliness, including a shout-out to one of our listeners who's not even related to us
  • 3:35: The keys to victory  
  • 9:10: How good is this team really? 
  • 12:32 Are the Cougars worthy of a No. 1 seed?
  • 17:10: A Louisville cheerleader almost loses a game (and do cheerleaders get athletic scholarships?)
  • 20:10: Who's the best athlete on the team? Adam took umbrage with Steve Kerr's comments during the game that it was Charles Abouo. After getting tweets from @Mitch_Harper and @Cougar_Center defending Kerr's assessment, Adam and Matt discuss. Hint: it's not Noah Hartsock.

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Episode 15: SDSU preview

Matt and Adam preview the big game between BYU and SDSU.

  • Why is Matt so confident that BYU will win?
  • Why does Adam think the Aztecs will win and split the season series?
  • Who are the key players for the Cougs (besides Jimmer)?

This and many more questions are answered in a special edition of the Rise & Shout podcast!


Episode 14: Week of Hornfrogs

In Episode 14, Matt and Adam talk about the following, and this time, we've included time stamps for your listening easy-ness.

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Episode 13: Jimmer and the Boys

Adam and Matt join forces once again to discuss:

  • Four words: Pitchers and catchers report
  • Jimmer (and a certain letter to The Daily Universe)
  • What we learned from the victory against Utah, and what that means going forward.
  • We play a game called: In A Word. We throw storylines at each other, and then we respond with one word. We cover football recruiting and, of course, Jimmer
  • Some how Laurence Maroney and his unbelievable mugshot enter the conversation

That and much more on Episode 13. Don't forget that you can download this episode (and past episodes) on iTunes.


Episode 12: Jimmer, Jimmer, Jimmer

In Episode 12, Adam is rejoined by Matt and they talk about, well, Jimme (just like everyone else). Other, non-Jimmer topics include:

·         The Super Bowl: game observations and favorite commercial picks.

·         What the rest of the season, including the NCAA tournament, looks like for the basketball team.

·         Rocky Long and his stupid comments.

·         The new assistant coaches for the football team and how they will affect the program.

·         Matt's quest to figure out how to get his wife to name their unborn son Jimmer. If you have ideas for Matt, send this to us via twitter @byu_riseshout or via email at riseandshout1984@gmail.com

Don’t forget, you can also download the podcast on iTunes, if you are so inclined. And tell your friends.