Rise & Shout


Episode 21: Sping Football and More

Matt is back with a vengeance. And though he wasn't able to name his new son Jimmer, he delivers big time on the podcast. He and Adam talk about the following:

  • 2:45 - The NFL Draft, and why it was a mistake to bring it to primetime
  • 4:30 - BYU players in the draft, including Vic So'to (5:05) and Andrew Rich (8:30). Will they be drafted? Why would it be good if they weren't?
  • 15:05 - Final thoughts on spring football
  • 18:50 - BYU QBs, including how often Riley Nelson might play and who Adam and Matt would play if Jake Heaps was injured
  • 30:15 - The 2011 football schedule, including predictions for the first four games
  • 39:20 - Rocky Biegel's son chooses Wisconsin over BYU
  • 44:00 - Brandon Davies' likely return to the BYU basketball team
  • 50:25 - Jimmer is making a movie
  • 53:25 - Why is it that when New Mexico and BYU play each other in some sports, it comes down to hair pulling and punches?

That and much more on the most entertaining podcast ever recorded by guys named Adam and Matt who are brothers and live in Wisconsin and Virginia.


Episode 20: Spring Football

Adam is joined by guest Zack Bloxham of The Upset Blog and ZackBloxham.com to discuss all things BYU spring football. The topics include:

They finish off by talking about the BYU basketball team and why they won't be ordering the new 'Jimmer wins the Wooden Award' poster and predictions for the first four games of the 2011 football season. Go Cougars and download often!