Rise & Shout


25: Tanner, Jimmer and Harry Potter

After a month break, Matt and Adam come back with an absolute vengeance, and plenty of verve and vigor. They talk Tanner and Jimmer, and whether BYU's ultimate goal should be getting into a major football conference.

  • 2:45 After the usual nonsense, they get down to business and discuss the BYU basketball non-conference schedule.
  • 6:10 Have you see the BYU TV app? It's flippin' cool!
  • 8:10 Jimmer is a King. Do we have to be Kings fans now?
  • 13:15 Tanner Mangum is throwing passes to HOF wide receivers this summer. But will he ever make an impact at BYU?
  • 19:20 Will Tanner be a replacement to Jake Heaps or a successor?
  • 24:20 What's the ultimate goal of BYU football? Independence or a big, BCS conference? Adam says conference, Matt says not so fast. Insanity ensues.
  • 41:20 Matt will be covering BYU Media Day live on LoyalCougars.com
  • 44:05 There are some cool BYU independence videos on YouTube
  • 45:00 Adam commands you to see Super 8, and Matt admits to seeing the Justin Bieber movie. It's good therapy.

That and so much more the the diamond edition of the Rise & Shout Podcast.

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