Rise & Shout


28: 2011 Football Season Preview with Greg Wrubell

Host Adam Mangum is joined by two awesome guests. First, the voice of the Cougars, KSL's Greg Wrubell, comes on the podcast to talk 2011 Cougar football.

  • 1:50 - Greg tells us what would have to happen for BYU to leave the land of independence. And no, not just an invitation.
  • 9:15 - The 2010 loss to Utah still bothers him.
  • 11:20 - Greg gives you his big surprise for 2011.
  • 15:40 - What will the Cougar offense look like this season?
  • 20:30 - Bronco Mendenhall and Brandon Doman are very different, but they're a great coaching combo.
  • 23:25 - Greg is not that worried about the defensive backfield.
  • 26:45 - He retells his favorite BYU play as an announcer, and his favorite call.

All that and much more with Greg Wrubell.

Matt returns to help Adam preview the 2011 seasons.

  • 32:45 - Is Matt responsible for the earthquake on the East Coast?
  • 35:30 - The three offensive impact players
  • 39:42 - The three defensive impact players
  • 44:40 - The three games we'd watch even if there was a wedding scheduled right over them.
  • 49:00 - The three games that worry us the most.
  • 54:10 - Over/under 10.5 wins for the Cougars (send you angry emails to matt@loyalcougars.com)
  • 1:00:35 - Over/under 28.5 TD passes for Jake Heaps
  • 1:04:45 - Over/under 700 yards rushing for Jake Quezada

Plenty of nonsense, plenty of fun. Go Cougars! We can't wait for Sept. 3.


27: Jay Drew Talks Fall Camp

Adam is first joined by Jay Drew of the Salt Lake Tribune to talk all about the Cougars fall camp.

1:50 - How realistic is conference expansion? Where will BYU likely fall? 7:10 - The University of Miami allegations are likely to reverberate across the college football landscape 10:30 - Chippy practices can be a good thing and are just part of football 13:00 - The tight end rotation is beginning to emerge, and Austin Holt look to be the guy 15:30 - BYU's offensive identity will be very different under OC Brandon Doman, but not completely different 17:45 - Jake Heaps is leading the team and looking good 19:50 - Riley Nelson is probably the back-up, but James Lark is playing well 21:30 - The defensive backfield is this season's big question mark 24:10 - Jay answers a tweet question regarding who's going to referee Cougar games this fall

Matt and Adam reunite for incredibly witty banter and somewhat shallow analysis.

26:26 - The usual ridiculousness, including confronting Matt about his hatred of Riley Nelson 28:45 - Recapping the tight end situation 32:50 - USA Today and ESPN are talking about the Cougars independent road 35:15 - Are Super Conferences inevitable? Will BYU be part of one? 40:50 - The Miami allegations could kill that program in many ways 51:30 - Tweet Questions! Topics include the BYU-Utah rivalry, and a guy named Ziggy

It's all this and more in another episode sure to be the best hour you've spent all week.


26: Fall Camps and Heaps of Expectations

Matt and Adam do the podcast from their new locales (Indiana and Minnesota respectively) and hit their mediocre midseason form.

4:03 - Fall camp and the weight of expectations for Jake Heaps 19:50 - Is James Lark ready to step in if Heaps gets hurt? He better be 26:25 - Who might the BYU TE be, and will that group be any good? 36:10 - Is Russ Apo the second coming of Michael Crabtree? Probably not, but 75% of Crabtree would be totally awesome 42:10 - The Big 12 might be coming apart at the seams. What does that mean for BYU?

Of course there's more, and you should listen to all 64 minutes to get the full greatness of this podcast. Tell your friends and listen often.