Rise & Shout


46: Greg Wrubell; Hawaii preview

In a fantastic episode 46, Adam is joined by KSL's Greg Wrubell, who helps Adam break down what actually happened between BYU and the Big East. Greg also offers his perspective on the men's basketball team and its young season. Matt comes on after Greg to talk hoops, preview the Hawaii game, and to answer an excellent collection of Tweetbag questions. All this and continued banter about Dr Pepper Ten available here and on iTunes.


45: No Big East? No Big Deal

In a bite-sized edition of the podcast, Adam and Matt quickly review their take-aways from thumping New Mexico State. They then dive head-first into discussing the breakdown in talks between BYU and the Big East. They discuss why they are not panicking and why they both agree that it's the right decision for BYU football. Adam also compares Dr Pepper Ten to sewer water. All this on Episode 45 of the Rise & Shout podcast, available here and on iTunes.


44: Jeff Chatman, lousy football opponents, and Cougar hoops

Episode 44 is action pack and its dulcet tones are sure to make you happy. Adam begins with Matt. They discuss the thrashing of Idaho and preview the future thrashing of New Mexico State. They also talk a little about the men's basketball team and they're opening season loss to Utah State. Adam is then joined by BYU basketball legend Jeff Chatman. They discuss his career at BYU, his decision to come to BYU, his son's decision to come to BYU, and talk about football as well. All of this and much more on a podcast that is sure to be more exciting than listening to nothing at all. Available, as always, here and on iTunes.


43: Football chatter; Basketball preview

In the latest (and possibly greatest) Rise & Shout podcast, Adam joins forces with Matt to talk about the possibility of BYU joining the Big East, and Adam goes on a rant about San Diego State. They discuss Bronco's recent forthcoming-ness in press conferences. They play answering machine. And they preview the upcoming basketball season. So much shallow analysis, that it almost seems deep. Available to download here or on iTunes.


42: Bye Week Chatter and Hoops

Adam is joined by brother co-host Matt to discuss all things BYU sports. They answer your questions from the TweetBag, including discussing Team Riley vs. Team Jake. They play America's new favorite podcast segment, Answering Machine, and Matt gets caught up in a case of the giggles. They conclude with talking about the upcoming hoops season. All this and a ton more available here or for download on iTunes.