Rise & Shout


51: Armed Forces Bowl Recap

In episode 51 of the Rise & Shout podcast, Matt joins Adam again in the R&S podcast studio to recap the Armed Forces Bowl victory over Tulsa. They sing the praises of Cody Hoffman, Kyle Van Noy, and Matt Reynolds. They also discuss the up and down performance of Riley Nelson. All this and so much more available here and, of course, on iTunes. Follow the podcast on Twitter @byu_riseshout.


50: Bowl game and St. Mary’s preview with Greg Wrubell

In the almost 90-minute 50th episode of Rise & Shout, Adam is joined by the voice of the Cougars, Greg Wrubell of KSL, to talk about the Armed Forces Bowl match-up against Tulsa. They also briefly talk about slipping college basketball officials. Matt then joins Adam in the R&S podcast studio (Adam's basement) to preview the St. Mary's game, answer your TweetBag questions, and preview Tulsa. The last third of the podcast is Adam and Matt predicting a bunch of bowl games and making fun of the SEC. All this and much more available here and on iTunes. Follow the podcast on Twitter @byu_riseshout.


49: Cougar Hoops Optimism

In a wonderful Holiday edition of the podcast (and by Holiday edition, I mean it was recorded during the Holidays), Adam and Matt talk about the current state of Cougar hoops. They both express a lot of optimism about the remainder of the season, possible breaking into irrational exuberance. They answer #TweetBag questions and speculate about the destination of Jake Heaps. Matt also gets another case of the giggles. This and so much more available here and on iTunes.


48: Previewing Baylor with Jeff Call; Talkin’ Bowls with Don

In an incredibly well-rounded Episode 48, Adam is joined by Jeff Call of the Deseret News to talk about the BYU basketball team, including what to take away from the painful Utah win, what to expect against Baylor, and the immutable Noah Hartsock. Adam and Jeff also discuss the formula behind Bronco's record in bowl games. Adam is then joined by guest-brother Don to talk Cougar hoops, as well as a few salient BYU football topics. They also preview the first four bowl games of the season as Adam looks up the nearest Beef O'Brady's near his house. And don't miss, right at the end, Adam's anti-Saban rant. All of this can be yours here and on iTunes.


47: Heaps leaves and season recap w/ Dick Harmon

In a mammoth edition of the Rise & Shout Podcast, Adam is joined by Dick Harmon of the Deseret News to discuss Jake Heaps' decision to leave BYU. Adam and Dick also chat about the season and the big picture of independence and conference affiliation. Matt then joins the podcast to help dissect Heaps, the coaching staff, and the 2011 season. Your TweetBag questions are answered, and Adam coats his innards with the 23 flavors of his favorite beverage. All this and much more available here and on iTunes.