Rise & Shout


54: Brandon Gurney and BYU Recruiting

In Episode 54, Adam chats with Brandon Gurney, the recruiting maven of the Deseret News. Adam and Brandon talk about the football class of 2012, what Tanner Mangum brings to the table, and who might immediately impact the team as a freshman. Brandon also dissects the QB situation for 2012 and 2013, and Adam tries to pin him down on the chances Jabari Parker joins BYU to play hoops. Matt then joins Adam to talk hoops, including what the win over Virginia Tech means, and they preview the St. Mary's game. They also discuss the major 2012 offseason football story lines. Finally, Adam talks with Rise & Shout superfan Justin Sweeney, mainly about hoops and his distaste for diet sodas. As always, the podcast can be accessed here or on iTunes (subscribe there!). Follow the podcast on twitter: @byu_riseshout.


53: Talking with Mr. CougarStats

In Episode 53, Adam is joined by the creator of CougarStats.com, possibly the greatest invention on the web. They talk about the site's history, it's future, and stats galore. Major geek warning, as they both get giddy talking numbers. Matt returns to the podcast to talk Bronco's future, to discuss how good the basketball team is, and to debate, once more, the greatest burger joint on earth. As always, the podcast can be accessed here or on iTunes. Follow the podcast on twitter: @byu_riseshout.


52: Football Year in Review with Dick Harmon

In Episode 52, Adam is joined by special guest Dick Harmon of the Deseret News to discuss the results of the 2011 BYU football season. Topics include Riley Nelson, Kyle Van Noy and Cody Hoffman, and the importance of the win over Tulsa. They also briefly discuss the state of the BYU basketball team, especially after the crushing loss to St. Mary's. Matt then comes on to further dissect the 2011 football season, and to play the entertaining by creepy game: Answering Machine. As always, the podcast can be accessed here (below the jump) or on iTunes. Follow the podcast on twitter: @byu_riseshout.