Rise & Shout


63: The Big 12, the MC and hip hop

With Matt sidelined, Adam is joined by VTF editors Brett Hein (first time) and Zach Bloxham (repeat offender). They discuss Tom Holmoe's recent comments, and what it means for Big 12 expansion. They also discuss the Marriott Center renovations and where students 'deserve' to sit. And Brett and Zach attempt to educate Adam on hip hop -- a completely lost cause. All this and many digs at San Diego State here and on iTunes (subscribe). You can also follow the podcast on Twitter: @byu_riseshout.


62: 2013 Recruiting with Brandon Gurney

In a meandering podcast that matches the down time in BYU sports, Adam sits down with (as much as you can sit down with someone who is 1500 miles away) Brandon Gurney of the Deseret News to talk 2013 football recruiting, Jabari Parker, and his lack of interest in uniform color. Matt then joins Adam to have a mock draft of BYU players who you'd want to build a football program around. It's zany. It's fun. It's the Rise & Shout podcast.