Rise & Shout


66: The Endless Realignment Discussion

Matt is back on the podcast to match wits with Adam. They start by discussing BYU's national championship in rugby. The topic then shifts to conference realignment, prodded by your #Tweetbag questions. Is BYU going to get locked out of a Super Conference landscape? Will BYU be able to craft independent schedules in 2014 and beyond? We prognosticate wildly on all related topics. They then discuss Adam's BYU season rankings, specifically the bottom 15. Finally, they briefly talk about ESPN and moving games around. Lots of Cougar talk, lots of nonsense, and it's available for your listening pleasure as always on iTunes or at VanquishTheFoe.com. Follow us on Twitter @byu_riseshout.


65: The WCC Commish and Greg Wrubell

Two special guests join Adam to discuss aspects of BYU's current athletic landscape. The first guest is Jamie Zaninovich, commissioner of the West Coast Conference. We chat about BYU's first season in the conference, what BYU brings to the conference, and whether he loses sleep worrying about BYU leaving. The voice of Cougars, KSL's Greg Wrubell, returns to the podcast for a record-breaking 8th time (if you don't count Matt's 60 appearances) to discuss his April 29th mannifesto (his wife's words) entitled "Boldly Indpendent." Adam tries poorly to play devil's advocate, but mainly agrees with Greg about everything. Listen to the podcast at VanquishTheFoe.com, download early and often at iTunes, and follow us on Twitter (@byu_riseshout).


64: Playoffs, the NFL Draft, Viva Independencia

In another exciting R&S Podcast, Matt returns to match wits with Adam in what we call episode 64. They discuss the potential of a 4-team football playoff and what that means for BYU and the sport. They debate Geoff's recent piece about BYU and the NFL draft. And finally, they talk the long-term viability of football independence and wax philosophical. Throw in some obligatory baseball talk and absolute nonsense, and the R&S Podcast has returned in full form. Listen to at VanquishTheFoe.com or on iTunes, and follow us on Twitter (@byu_riseshout).