Rise & Shout


70: Media Day with Brandon Gurney

Media Day only comes once a year, and in our own little Media Day Miracle, we're joined by Brandon Gurney of the Deseret News to discuss it. Adam asks Brandon about his personal highlights from the day, and Brandon talks about the leaders on the team, the state of the rivalry game, and how much fun it was to have John Beck talk about his pass to Harline. Brandon also briefly discussed 2013 recruits. Matt then joins Adam to talk about the following (mostly while answering your #Tweetbag question): the Avengers, the Euros, Media Day, Riley Nelson, Kyle Van Noy, and the new 'That's A Clown Questions Bro' segment. Listen here, follow up on Twitter (@byu_riseshout), download us on iTunes, and tell your friends.


69: The changing recruiting landscape with Jay Drew

This week's podcast focuses a lot on recruiting, for both football and basketball. We change things up and bring Matt on before our guest. Adam and Matt talk about what's going on inside the minds of 17 year-olds (only football and basketball topics), answer your questions from the #Tweetbag, and discuss Adam's most recent entry into his football season rankings. Jay Drew of the Salt Lake Tribune then joins Adam to talk about impact freshman (not likely), how recruiting has changed over the past 5-6 years (not for the better), and also a little Tiger Woods. This certified 100% awesome podcast can be listened to here. Like what you hear? Want to have your voice heard? Tweet at us (@byu_riseshout) or email us at adam@loyalcougars.com.


68: Conference Realignment with Bill Connelly

We can't stop talking realignment, and this time it's with returning guest Bill Connelly, a college football writer with SB Nation. Bill gives us his level-headed view of the conference realignment situation, including why he thinks BYU is not likely headed to the Big 12. Bill and Adam also discuss SB Nation's recent series about using a relegation system in college football, why that would be awesome, and why it will never work. Matt joins Adam to answer you #Tweetbag questions, talking about Adam's BYU football season rankings, and why Vegas has BYU pegged as an 8-4 team in 2012. Also on the podcast: Maria Sharapova's unlikely fiance, why exactly that's a clown question bro, and John Walsh's career arch. Listen here or at VanquishTheFoe.com, and follow us on Twitter @byu_riseshout.


67: Jabari Parker and the Super #Tweetbag

In an extremely entertaining and enthralling episode 67, Adam and Matt dive deep into a filled-to-the-brim #Tweetbag to answer your questions, including discussions about their expectations of BYU's offense in 2012 and if any TE will make an impact this coming season. Their short attention spans shift to basketball and a discussion of the always interesting Jabari Parker and all his recent national attention. Finally, they look at the Adam's rankings of the past 40 football seasons, specifically Nos. 25-21. Listen at VanquishTheFoe.com, download on iTunes, and follow us on Twitter: @byu_riseshout.