Rise & Shout


86: GT Recap and Bball Preview with Dick Harmon

Adam is joined by Dick Harmon of the Deseret News to talk all things BYU sports, including Tom Holmoe's comments about chemistry problems on the BYU football coaching staff and potential problems with the 2013 football schedule. Dick then also shares his thoughts on what players are likely to make an impact for the basketball team beyond the usual suspects of Matt Carlino and Brandon Davies.

Matt then joins Adam to recap the Georgia Tech game, including a discussion of whether Adam was wrong about OC Brandon Doman. They also get giddy about Jamaal Williams and Ezekial Ansah. They preview the upcoming basketball season including a discussion of what kind of season they expect from Davies, where they think BYU finishes in the WCC, and where the Cougars finish in the NCAA tournament. They also explore the movies and music of 1986.


85: ND in Review and Georgia Tech Preview

Adam and Matt were at the game on Saturday, and they give their first-hand account. They talk first about how the gameday experience at Notre Dame is flippin' awesome, and how the Irish fans treated the BYU fans with an incredible amount of respect. Then its on to the game, including a discussion of two controversial 4th down decisions mistakes. They preview the Georgia Tech game and debate whether Vegas is wrong to say the Yellow Jackets are as good a team as the Cougars. They answer your #Tweetbag questions, and they discuss the top music and movies from the year 1985.


84: Notre Dame Preview and Mid-Season MVPs

It's another episode of the podcast, and Adam and Matt get together to talk BYU football. First up is a #Tweetbag question and a discussion of how the coaching staff is handling the QB situation. Then it's on to their mid-season MVP awards for the offense and defense, with at least one name that may surprise you. Finally, it's prediction time, and Adam and Matt do not forecast good things for the Cougars. And the Billboard Top 100 for 1984 figures prominently throughout.

Adam is then joined by Chris Wilson, a writer for the excellent Notre Dame blog One Foot Down. Adam grills Chris about whether Notre Dame really deserves to be ranked so highly and what his comfort level is with the current team. Chris then explains the keys to victory for the Fighting Irish. He also expresses optimism for the Brian Kelly era and hopes the Cougars and Irish play often.


83: Oregon State preview, the QB debacle, and Jabari

In this 60-minute episode of the podcast, it's all Matt and Adam talking BYU sports. With so much going on, who has time for a guest?

First up is a discussion of making Jabari Parker's top 5 and what that may mean for the future of BYU basketball. Then Adam explains why you won't hear much basketball talk on the podcast the next couple of weeks.

Then it's on to football, including the fallout over the Taysom Hill injury, Brandon Doman's future as the offensive coordinator, and whether Oregon State's back-up QB should call in sick on Saturday instead of spending the afternoon in the arms of Ezekiel Ansah. They also talk about their favorite songs from 1983.


Podcast 82: Utah State preview with Jay Drew

It might be the most important BYU-Utah State game in a long time, a battle for state bragging rights. We bring on Jay Drew of the Salt Lake Tribune to talk about what we saw against Hawaii, what to make of the QB 'controversy', whether Doman and Mendenhall are a house divided, a little about conference expansion, and even less about basketball and a bulked up Matt Carlino.

Matt (Mangum, not Carlino) makes his weekly appearance. Topics include: the Washington Nationals making the playoffs; what BYU's offense beating up on Hawai'i means (if anything); the likelihood Riley Nelson plays on Friday; the Big East's courtship of BYU; and predictions for the Utah State game. The brotherly duo also tackle your questions from the #Tweetbag and dust off the old answering machine.