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94: Poinsettia Bowl Recap and Hoops WCC Preview

In a holiday edition of the podcast (No. 94), the boys get together to talk about the Poinsettia Bowl, mainly a disertation on the greatness of Kyle Van Noy and Riley Stephenson. And is Bronco Mendenhall crazy like a fox? Matt thinks so after his halftime interview. They also bemoan the lack of offense and project into 2013 and don't see a pretty picture unless the offense gets a ton better.

Next it's onto to previewing the WCC season for the Cougar basketball team, and they are not as optimistic as they were entering the non-conference schedule. Is Matt Carlino ever going to be the player we thought he would be? Is Tyler Haws going to return to the player he was the first few weeks? Can this team climb on the back of Brandon Davies and make it to the Big Dance? They discuss.


93: Poinsettia Bowl Preview

In episode 93 of the podcast, the boys (aka Adam and Matt) take a crack at previewing the Poinsettia Bowl against San Diego State, speculating wildly on who the QB will be, what effect that might have on the outcome, how Jamaal Williams will do, and whether the vaunted Aztec rushing attack can do anything against Kyle Van Noy & Co. They also bash Utah scheduling Fresno State, and express hope that Jabari Parker will pick BYU on the same day the Cougars win a bowl.


92: Jason Franchuk on hoops and QBs

In episode 92, Jason Franchuk of The Daily Herald comes on the podcast for the first time to talk all things BYU sports. He hits on the identity (or lack thereof) of the BYU men's basketball team, and why he thinks both Riley Nelsonand James Lark should play in the bowl game.

Matt and Adam, after losing the perfect podcast to an audio graveyard, record a not as perfect podcast. Adam is worried about Cougar hoops, but Matt is more optimistic. Matt thinks Riley starts and plays most of the game as long as he can walk, but Adam is reading between the lines of the first few days of bowl practice and seems a little Lark. And they lace in as many musical reference to 1992 as they possible can in 20 minutes.


91: Brandon Gurney talks Bronco, KVN and Jabari

It's episode 91 of the podcast, Brandon Gurney of the Deseret News returns a midst rumors and innuendo (not about him). Will Bronco stay or go? Will Kyle Van Noy stay or go? Brandon helps us make sense of those two questions. He also talks about what he thinks is wrong with the BYU offense, and walks us through the class of 2013. The conservation ends with Brandon expressing optimism that we may see Jabari Parker in blue and white -- and not the Blue Devil kind.

Matt joins Adam in the second half of the podcast to talk about what they would do if they were KVN, and to play the game answering machine. Adam also trashes the Georgia coaching staff for not spiking the ball. They finish talking about the hoops squad, including previewing Utah State and Utah.