Rise & Shout


105: Spring football and an NIT run

Spring is in the air, and despite snow covering most of our listening public, we bring the warmth via podcast. First up it's Adam and Matt responding to a long listener question about what exactly it would take to get them revved up enough to promote firing a coach. Not much for Matt, as BYU welcomes back the OC who he wanted fired. Second, they chat about the spring football game and what they hope to learn from it. They finish off with a discussion of BYU's NIT run and whether a victory over Southern Miss redeems the lackluster season. Oh, and Adam serenades listeners with Huey Lewis and the News.

A special guest joins the podcast, an unveiling of the man behind the @PostJimmer Twitter account. Steve Pierce comes on to preach the Matt Carlino gospel and to defend Brock Zylstra. As is always the case, Adam grills him and makes him uncomfortable and turns it into awkward podcastery. Or he mainly agrees with him. One or the other.


104: NIT preview and spring QBs

The first topic in the 104th episode is BYU is the NIT -- and Adam and Matt like the Cougars' chances to make a deep run in the tournament (though not all the way to Madison Square Garden). They also share their Final Four predictions and gleefully pick against Indiana.

After the basketball talk, they break into a discussion about the QB situation and how that's playing out in spring practice. It looks like Taysom Hill is the man -- is that a good thing? They finish with a discussion of their favorite movie trilogies.


103: BYU’s NIT hopes; Ziggy shaken, not stirred

It's a slow BYU sports news week, but does that stop Matt and Adam from delivering an awesome podcast? Of course not! In the 103rd episode they explore BYU's chances at a deep NIT run, and they don't like what they find. Ziggy's skyrocketing on draft boards, and the boys gush over his supernal physical abilities. There is also talk of scheduling announcements, BYU's high tempo offense, some pretty lame personal stories, and advice on how to coach little league baseball. They also explore their favorite James Bond movies, including a stunning revelation by Matt.


102: Jason Franchuk on WCC tourney and spring football

It's a big week in BYU sports, and this podcast has it all covered. Jason Franchuk makes his second ever appearance on the podcast to discuss BYU's chances in the upcoming WCC Tournament. Can Matt Carlino deliver? Is there more pressure on BYU than Gonzaga or St. Mary's? Jason answers. He also dives into some of the major topics surrounding spring football and enlightens us about the new offensive coaching staff.

Matt and Adam then preview the entire WCC Tournament, making bold (and baseless) predictions. How far do they think BYU will go? Listen and find out. They also conduct a draft of three movies they must see in 2013. Spoiler alert: Adam's movie selections are very geeky.