Rise & Shout


130: Wisconsin Game and Road Trip Recap

Adam and Matt went to Madison, Wisc., to cheer on the Cougars, and despite the hard loss, still had a good time. The Badgers know how to tailgate. They recap the game as well, worrying about the receiver depth behind record-holder extraordinaire Cody Hoffman, the defense getting gouged, and the offensive returning to earth. Driven by #Tweetbag questions, they handicap BYU's chances against Notre Dame and discuss whether this season can be called a success. They finish with a brief discussion of hoops, and a draft of the best WRs in BYU history.


Podcast 129: Wisconsin Preview and Behavioral Economics

Matt and Adam once again take to the podcast airwaves and spend most of their gibber, gabber time discussing the upcoming game at Camp Randall. They both think this Wisconsin team is good, the best team BYU will have faced this season. They identify the key players and factors that could lead to an upset and provide their full game predictions. Also discussed on this podcast: the Red Sox winning the World Series and behavioral economics (though not at the same time). They also play answering machine.