Rise & Shout


152: UConn preview and depth chart

It's time to discuss an actual football game! Adam and Matt dive into the 2-deep depth chart, make bold predictions, and breakdown BYU's chances at crashing the first-ever college football playoff. All this while previewing the game against UConn. Other topics include exciting things like their fantasy football teams and just how lame the starting time for the Miami Beach Bowl is.


151: Defense and Special Teams Preview

In Episode 151, Matt and Adam talk about Johnny Manziel, Taysom Hill's Heisman chances, and Alani Fua's status as an NFL prospect. They move on to preview of the BYU defense and special teams, including talking about positions they're very comfortable with (OLBs, DBs) and positions that have a lot of questions (ILBs, DL). And exactly what would it take for BYU to go undefeated? They also answer a lot of #TweetBag questions, and discuss the men's basketball schedule.


150: Jarom Jordan and Fall Camp

It's our 150th episode, and we could not think of a better way to celebrate than to have Jarom Jordan of BYU Sports Nation on as our guest! We talk fall camp, including unprecedented access for fans, Christian Stewart, UConn, and injuries. We also settle the debate on who is Thing 1 and who is Thing 2 between Jarom and his co-host Spencer Linton.

Matt then joins Adam to talk about the offense, part 1 of our season preview spectacular! We also discuss our comfort level with Stewart as the back-up, and talk about whether Jamaal Williams will be the program's all-time leading rusher by the end of the season.