Rise & Shout


169: Gonzaga; Twitter Goes Nuts

Twitter has been a little crazy for BYU fans lately, and Adam and Matt try to match that fever pitch. They discuss Kyle Whittingham and his chances of ending up at BYU, and who is really calling the shots for BYU football. They dig deep into the men's basketball team, predicting BYU's tournament chances and potential seeding. They also pick some of their favorite Holiday movies. 


168: Miami Beach Bowl Recap

Adam and Matt are back together again, this time to talk about what might have been in the Miami Beach Bowl, reacting to BYU's 2OT loss to Memphis. They analyze some key decisions and, of course, talk about the fight. Then they preview all of the remaining bowls, including New Year's Day's return to awesomeness. They finish it off with a short discussion of BYU hoops. Merry Christmas, #Tweetbags!


167: Greg Wrubell on hoops, Miami Beach Bowl

Greg Wrubell returns to the podcast to discuss all the big happenings in BYU sports. First up is men’s basketball, and the big games coming up against Stanford and UMass. Can the Cougars win if Tyler Haws is sidelined? Then Greg helps us preview the Miami Beach Bowl, including the enigma of an opponent in Memphis.


166: Early hoops returns, Victory over Cal

It's been a busy week, and Adam and Matt talk about the biggest news around: the new Star Wars trailer. They then break down the early season performance of the men's basketball team, singing the praises of Tyler Haws, KC, and Anson Winder. What is the upside of this team now that we've seen them play some meaningful games?

Then it's on to football. They recap Christian Stewart's big dissection of the Cal defense, and Jordan Leslie's awesomeness. Who do they want to face BYU in the bowl game? Is the college football playoff good for BYU's chances to get into the Big 12? All this and so much more.