Rise & Shout


173: Jarom Jordan on recruiting and hoops

Jarom Jordan of BYU SportsNation fame joins the podcast to talk about how awesome it is to call a match in the best men's volleyball venue in the country. He also shares his love of signing day and what ails the Cougar men's basketball team.

Matt and Adam tackle paint unlikely scenarios that would put the Cougars in the NCAA Tournament. They also whine about Deflategate and get excited about scheduling Michigan State.


172: Evaluating Tourney Chances and Independence

Adam and Matt get together to chat about BYU men's volleyball's impressive weekend against UCLA and BYU men's basketball's dwindling tournament chances. They also discuss why independence is better than any alternative that doesn't start with, "The Big XII welcomes BYU..." They finish with what you've all been waiting for: two Patriots fans gushing about making a Super Bowl.


171: Brandon Gurney on 2015 Recruiting Class

Brandon Gurney of the Deseret News comes on to discuss the 2015 football recruiting class. He identifies studs and possible immediate impact players. He also expresses his concern about the lack of experienced QB depth behind Taysom Hill in 2015.

Matt and Adam yap about the awesome College Football Playoff, the NFL playoffs, Jimmer, Brandon Davies and Bronco's defense, and they take a temperature check on the Cougars' basketball tournament chances after a loss against Pepperdine.


170: Football Year in Review, Hoops Domination

In Episode 170, Adam and Matt look back at the 2014 football season handing out grades and reflecting on the season that was and the season that might have been. They also discuss the recent hoops domination and the contributions of Mr. Triple Double Kyle Collinsworth, Mr. Record Breaker Tyler Haws, and their third running mate, the invaluable Anson Winder. Also covered: Ziggy and Jimmer making a difference, and the excellent movie 'Edge of Tomorrow.'