142: Jay Drew on Carlino, Spring Football

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Jay Drew of The Salt Lake Tribune is our guest on the 142nd episode of the podcast. We discuss Matt Carlino's departure from the program and why he might have bolted. Jay also sizes up the impact it will have on the 2014-15 season. Next up is spring football. Jay talks about Taysom Hill's progress, the new WR corps, and the depth in the defensive backfield.

Matt and Adam yap about the NCAA championship game, and whether it was lame or not. They also discuss Carlino and spring football story lines. And with Kyle Van Noy rumored to potentially end up with the New England Patriots or Detroit Lions (among other teams), they get a little giddy.

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141: Dancing with Ducks

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The NCAA selection committee shocked the world and Cougar Nation by not only putting BYU into the tournament, but by also making the Cougars a 10th seed. What do Adam and Matt make of the seeding? Did BYU deserve it? They preview the rematch against Oregon and talk about who needs to step up for BYU to have a shot at getting revenge against the Ducks. They also talk KVN's beard and MLB. 

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140: Spring football, WCC tourney, Jabari and Jimmer

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In episode 140 of the podcast, Matt and Adam dive deep into spring football story lines. Who is Taysom Hill's back-up? Can Hill become an elite passer? Can Bronson Kaufusi really replace KVN? Is this WR group better than the 2013 version? They also talk about whether BYU's performance against LMU or Gonzaga's against Santa Clara changes their opinions on who the WCC champ will be. Also discussed: Jabari and what might have been, and Jimmer lost in Chicago.

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139: WCC tourney preview, Cougs in the NFL draft

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First up on the podcast, Adam and Matt talk about the Oscars and how they haven't seen any of the films nominated. They preview the WCC basketball tournament, picking every game and telling you what players they think will make the biggest impact during BYU's postseason run. And JimmerWatch continues with their evaluation of his signing with the Chicago Bulls.

Next on the podcast is NFL draft guru Tom Melton (@TMeltonScouting) who comes to talk Cougars. He's a big fan of Kyle Van Noy, and he thinks he'll have a long career. He likes Cody Hoffman's chances on draft day, and tells us what he thinks of BYU's all-time leading receiver. 

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138: BYUtv’s Jarom Jordan on hoops surge, Jimmer

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BYU Sports Nation host and BYUtv producer Jarom Jordan returns to the podcast to discuss a terrific week for BYU hoops. He illuminates on the rise of Anson Winder and the Cougars NCAA tournament chances. He also talks Jimmer, 2014 football schedule, and sheds just a little light on BYU's 2014 bowl game.

Matt and Adam discuss their favorite Winter Olympics moments, which may include ice dancing. They pick the best places for Jimmer, they handicap BYU's tourney chances, and they sing the praises of Winder. They also run through the 2014 football schedule, and hit on the other important topics AD Tom Holmoe is talking about.

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137: Jay Drew on dimming tourney chances

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Jay Drew of The Salt Lake Tribune returns to the podcast to chat about BYU's slim chance of making the NCAA tournament. He elaborates on the crushing nature of BYU's loss to Pacific, and what the Cougs might need to do to beat Gonzaga. He also talks a little NFL draft and a little 2014 offensive line.

Adam and Matt chat first about the Olympics and Matt's dream of participating in the 2018 games in South Korea. It's on to hoops, and they pick one player who must have a big game in order for BYU to pull off the upset against Gonzaga. The NFL Draft is approaching, and they prognosticate how many Cougars will hear their names called during draft week, and who those players might be. They also continue their offseason preview by talking about the linebackers and defensive lineman.

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136: Hoops team surging, football signing day

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In the 136th episode of the podcast, Adam and Matt go in depth on the hoops team. Does the recent win streak make an at-large big to the NCAA tournament possible? Can Tyler Haws reach the Jimmer Level? They also do a school yard pick 'em of the current hoops roster, and one team turns out a lot better than the other.

It's on to football after that, mainly talking about the new recruiting class. Is WR depth no longer a problem? They preview the RBs and OL, and discuss how a better OL could effect BYU in 2014. Mixed in throughout is Olympics talk, and same discussion of Vladimir Putin.

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Podcast 135: Wrubell on what ails the Cougars

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Greg Wrubell of KSL joins the podcast to mostly talk hoops. He chronicles the trouble of the losses to Portland and Gonzaga, and paints a fairly bleak picture about BYU's March hopes. But Greg's an optimist, and he still believes. Greg and Adam also talk about Eric Mika's freshman season, and the impact of Ammon Olsen leaving the football program.

Adam and Matt start off discussing the Super Bowl and making predictions. They also isolate the basketball team's biggest problem, and pick a player they think could make the most important impact in the back half of the conference schedule. They start their offseason football preview by talking about the QBs and who those QBs will be throwing the ball to.

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134: Jason Franchuk on Carlino, Halford and Anae

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Jason Franchuk of The Daily Herald joins us to talk primarily about hoops. He lays out Matt Carlino's recent resurgence, and what Skyler Halford brings to the Cougars. He also lays out BYU's tournament chances and a scenario that could get them there even without winning the WCC tournament. Adam also talks with Jason about football, including the lack of WR depth and Robert Anae's offense.

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133: Gurney on recruiting and depth chart

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In the 133rd episode of the No. 1 BYU podcast recorded in Minnesota, Brandon Gurney of the Deseret News returns to talk recruiting. Though signing day is likely to be uneventful, there is plenty to talk about, including how the depth chart at OL and WR will look in 2014. Brandon also offers his perspective on whether the lack of depth on the basketball team is new reality or just a temporary situation.

Adam and Matt then discuss the NFL playoffs and make their Super Bowl picks. Next, it's all about hoops. Can the Cougars rise into the NCAA tournament? And can only Tyler Haws take them there? And finally, the pro-Bronco and anti-Bronco camps are out in force on Twitter and CougarBoard. Which criticisms of Bronco are fair and which are not?

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