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The Rise and Shout Podcast is now part of CougarFan

April 14, 2015

We are extremely excited to announce that the Rise & Shout Podcast is joining forces with the supreme BYU sports news hub CougarFan.com. So we're now the CougarFan Rise & Shout Podcast. For the most part, nothing will change. Matt and I will still be doing weekly shows babbling about BYU sports and whatever else pops into our heads. In the near future, the podcast will be housed within CougarFan.com. The benefits are obvious: CougarFan is the place where thousands of BYU fans go to get the latest news. The CougarFan Rise & Shout Podcast will reach many more fans, bringing our unique voice to new ears.

More changes will be coming, but suffice it to say that the show will continue and become even bigger and better than it's been the past four and a half years. Thanks for listening, thanks for downloading, and Go Cougars!
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